Social Media Networking in Oxfordshire

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#OxHour update …

#OxHour is now being hosted by Shaun Fagan of @BlackDogMedia – big thanks to him for taking it on!


What is #OxHour?

What is a Twitter Chat?#OxHour is your opportunity to network with local people onTwitter:

  • Every Wednesday evening 7pm – 8pm


 Why take part in #OxHour

#OxHour will give you the opportunity to connect with other people in the region on your favourite social networks.  Join in #OxHour to:

  • Increase your local following
  • Network with other business people in the region
  • Make new friends
  • Have some fun!

How to take part in Twitter #OxHour

  • Log in to Twitter between 7pm and 8pm on Wednesday evenings.  You can do this at or using your usual Twitter application.
  • Set up a search stream for #OxHour
  • Write your tweets, remembering to use the hashtag #OxHour in every tweet
  • Start engaging with other people taking part in #OxHour
  • Don’t forget to follow other #OxHour users
  • Tell your followers and friends about #OxHour, so they can join in the fun too

Your #OxHour hosts

#OxHour is jointly hosted by:

Get a reminder email every Wednesday

It’s easy to forget your favourite Twitter chat hours.  Because we’d hate you to miss #OxHour, we’ve set up an email reminder system.  Once a week (around 5pm on a Wednesday), you will receive a text email reminding you to join in #OxHour, and telling you what the week’s topics are.  It’s as easy as that.  There’s no advertising or spamming – we just send you a weekly reminder.  All you have to do is sign up for your #OxHour reminders here.

Tweeting from the Oxhour website

Thanks to a very clever little Twitter widget, you can take part in #OxHour right here.

You’ll see the tweets in a stream on the right.  Like Twitter, you can reply, favourite or RT – just hover your mouse over the tweet to show the little icons.

However, please be aware this stream only shows a selection of the #OxHour tweets.  To take part fully, you will need to use or your usual Twitter app.

Who can take part in OxHour?

Although primarily for people in Oxfordshire, anyone can take part in #OxHour.  All you have to do is use the hashtag and join in the conversation.  Everyone is welcome.

Don’t forget – Wednesday evenings 7pm – 8pm is #OxHour